Instructions for “Live” Sessions

IF you are a presenter, speaker and/or chair of a live session, you will be required to follow the steps outlined below in order to be prepared for your session.

Due to time zone differences, some presentations will be “pre-recorded” even within a live session. IF you are a presenter who needs to prepare a pre-recorded presentation that is part of a live session, you MUST check and follow the guidelines on the “Instructions for Pre-Recorded Presentations” page and adhere to the deadline (August 7, 2020).

The live presentations will not be collected ahead of the conference, and you’ll be asked to share your presentation on screen at the time of your session. Therefore, you can complete and finalize your power point presentation at anytime before the conference dates.

All live sessions of the ISEE 2020 Virtual Conference will be organized similarly and allocate 90 (some or shorter i.e. 60) minutes within the assigned time slot:
– A brief introduction introducing the session theme to be delivered by the chair(s)
– Presentation by each presenter
– Q&A session
The time allocated for each presentation and the Q&A session depends on the total number of presentations and speakers. Therefore, the time allocated to each presentation by the session chairs may change from session to session.
Please make sure to know how much time has been allocated to your presentation ahead of the time.

It is the responsibility of the session co-chairs to allocate and manage the session time as planned. The live session needs to end on time as other sessions or virtual events begin shortly after. If the session runs over time, the technician will alert the co-chairs & request to kindly to end the session.

To have the co-chairs and speakers familiarize themselves with the virtual platform and its features, rehearsals will be organized for the live sessions ahead of the conference dates. Those rehearsals can take up to 1 hour (usually less).

Your availability will be requested via e-mail to schedule the rehearsal of your session according to the best common time zone for speakers in your session.

Please expect our e-mail for rehearsal arrangement until July 24, 2020 and make sure to assign “” as a safe domain from your e-mail settings.

If you do not receive our rehearsal arrangement e-mail in your standard or spam inboxes until the given deadline (July 24th), please make sure to contact us through

If you are a presenter in s session to deliver a power point presentation, please make sure to complete your presentation before the conference dates. Since the rehearsals will be planned to check solely the technical details, it is not obligatory to use your final presentation for the rehearsal. Therefore, you can complete and finalize your power point presentation anytime before the conference.

If you are a presenter of a “pre-recorded” presentation which is expected to be shown in an otherwise live session, you are required to follow the guidelines on the “Instructions for Pre-Recorded Presentations” page in order to record your presentation before the given deadline.

1. Before you join a rehearsal or the actual live session at the conference, please make sure that:

a. your headset/headphone with microphone is connected to your computer; this is highly recommended to get the best quality audio:

Alternatively, you can use the internal microphone of your computer (which is not recommended because of lower audio quality).

b. a functional webcam to capture your image that will be displayed at the corner of your presentation. It is fine to use the internal webcams of computers. If you prefer that your image does not appear during your presentation, it is ok to not use the webcam.

c. a stable internet connection with high upload speed. We recommend using wired internet whenever possible. 4G should not be used. You may check your internet speed by performing an Internet speed test online: Your upload speed should ideally be above 8Mbps in order to avoid slow-speed issues.

d. a quiet environment surrounding you to avoid any sound interferes to the session (e.g. barking dog, phone ringing, etc).

e. have a well-placed lighting source. We recommend you place a light such that it lights up your whole face in order to avoid your face being partially or wholly in darkness during your presentation.

f. your background is tidy and nice (for example, you may want to hang up a single color sheet behind you). It is NOT recommended to use artificial backgrounds as they fade / move with your movements or even with slight air flow.

g. your power point presentation is ready and open at your computer.

Both rehearsal and the actual live sessions will take place over zoom.
The program coordinators of the conference will send you a zoom link to join the live session.

1. You will be prompted to download the zoom client, please install zoom on your computer (if you already used “zoom” on your computer in the past the meeting will be opened automatically):

2. The zoom client will start immediately after the installation:

3. Please enter your name and last name and click on “Join Meeting”:

4. Check your computer audio settings. Please click on “Test Speaker and Microphone”:

5. Test your Speaker. Make sure that you hear the sound. If you do, please click on “Yes”. If you do not hear the sound, please check that the correct speakers are chosen:

6. Test your microphone. Please speak to your microphone and make sure you hear yourself properly. If you do not hear anything, please check that you have chosen the correct microphone:

7. If you completed the test correctly, please click on “Join with Computer Audio”:

When you start talking, please make sure that your microphone is not muted (when you speak you will see a green indicator on the microphone icon in zoom):

Very important!
When someone else is talking please mute your microphone in order to prevent background noises:

8. Enable your video camera:

9. Sharing your screen

Please make sure to have your presentation open as slide show before sharing your screen. When it is your turn for the presentation, share your screen by clicking on “Share Screen”:

After clicking “Share Screen”, you will see the list of open documents at your computer. Find your power point presentation within them, click on it. And then click “Share”:

The link for you to enter the live session will be different from the one that is used for rehearsal and will be sent prior to the conference by the program coordinators. In the case you have not received the relevant link until August 20, 2020, please contact us through

The time zone of the Virtual Conference is set as US East Coast (EDT, Eastern Day Time) time zone which is GMT-4. Please make sure to be ready on time for your session accordingly with EDT time zone.

Please be ready to enter the live broadcasted session well in advance of the official start of the session (recommended 20 min before) in order for your internet speed and other technical issues to be checked by and resolved by the technician.

There will be a technician in the virtual room throughout the live broadcasted session with you to assist you and to guide you if you have any queries.

All live sessions will have a Q&A section within their time slot. The audience will be able to send their questions to the speakers whilst they watch the lectures. The questions will have to be written through the chat function. All incoming questions will be viewed through this chat function which can be reached through the toolbar:

The questions will not be visible to the general audience. The chairs will read the questions and decide which questions to make public. When the chairs make a question public, all audience can view those.
When a question is chosen by the chairs, it will be read out to the audience for everyone’s information and will be directed to the related speaker for him/her to answer.